Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sunday Scamming

You know what it's like. It's Sunday evening, there's nothing on the TV that you're interested in, or which you haven't seen a dozen times already, your partner is away and the kids are in bed. What should you do to pass the time?

Bait a scammer! Why not see if you can offend a scammer so much that he ends up shouting at you and calling you "stupid".

His email said:
"This is Mr. Louis J Kharto, remittance director Bank of Africa Cotonou, Rep. of Benin, having made series of futile attempts to reach you for confirmation, we received a SWORN AFFIDAVIT to re-route your PAYMENT into a new Prudential Bank and Trust Co (Zamora Branch) Account #: 5068-1117-8, account name: Nabil Bahij Jahas. Confirm to us if you have instructed your attorney to change your wire transfer account details. It is our obligation to confirm from beneficiary's of funds prior to transfer for security
Best regards,
Mr. Louis J Kharto
Tel: +229 666 918 99
Email: louiskharto@yahoo.com.hk"
Click here to listen to the recording. Alternatively right click on the link and choose Save As to listen to it offline.

You have his cellphone number and email address if you feel like insulting him further.

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