Sunday, 1 May 2011

The lunacy continues

I was following up on all the unanswered emails and found the last threat from the Lunatic Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology (British). They had promised that:
"Action will be taken against internet terrorist of foul international law."
So I emailed them asking whether that actually meant anything. I got this in reply:
"1. FBI and Interpol are alerted on Internet Terrorists:

Actions will be taken against internet terrorists soon who foul the international law.

2. Educational legal consultant is alerted on slander, defamation and unlawful interference:

Actions will be taken against you soon of foul the laws such as commercial law, international law, etc.

3. Mr. Richard Lim, Senior Manager for International Affairs is alerted on your remark as below. He will use it as evidence to sue you for slander and defamation. You will have to pay for a high price of your silly actions.

4. You are urged to remove all your remarks on NIIBT in your blog Consumer Watchdog immediately to avoid actions will be taken against you soon."
I can't wait!

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