Thursday, 14 April 2011

Warning - Fake awards ceremonies (again)

In September last year we warned people about yet another fake awards ceremony calling itself the "World Quality Commitment Convention".

The two key pieces of evidence that this is a scam were firstly that they invited a company who had never even traded to receive an award and secondly that they wanted cash up front. Last year they wanted €3,700 (about P30,000), this year they've gone up to €3,800. That's BEFORE you cough up money for flights, hotels, booze and depravity.

You can see our comments last year here.

Well, they're back, enticing people with promises of celebration, fame and fortune. But it's a scam.

Please don't fall victim to fake awards schemes. You'll get a worthless, totally unrecognised piece of paper, a silly ornament for your corporate mantelpiece and lose a huge amount of money in travel, accommodation and embarrassment.

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