Sunday, 5 April 2020

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Where’s my laptop?

On the 29th of January I bought a laptop from some guys for P1,500. They told me that it needs a few software updates and promised that it will be okay after I update them. I took it with me and tried to update the software but it failed even after a lot of attempts. I returned back to them and we agreed that they'll take it, update it and return it. As I speak it's been more than a month now, they are playing hide and seek with me, refusing to give me a different laptop or to refund me if at all they don't have a laptop that is functioning well. The beginning of this week they told that they have a different laptop but I have to top up with P500 to get it. I found the money and they're refusing to meet with me reasons being they are busy and they don't know when they'll give me the laptop. On the issue of refund they don't want to tap on it, they avoid it by all means. So please I need your help. I really need that laptop to type and submit my assignments since that's the only option that we have right now. I'm afraid to go out to internet cafés, mingling with people yet we have been told to stay home.

I think these people are behaving very badly. You, on the other hand are behaving responsibly but the time has come to become impatient and angry. You’ve already paid them more than the original agreed price for a laptop that works. They’ve already delivered one to you that didn’t. I suspect that this business about software updates is a distraction to cover up the fact they don’t know what they’re doing.

I think you should tell them that they have a couple of days to deliver the better laptop. Tell them that if they don’t then they should offer you a complete, immediate refund or you’ll take legal action to get your money back. Send me their details and I’ll get in touch with them as well and maybe the added pressure will make them see sense and behave properly?

Can’t they reverse it?

I have a problem. Yesterday there was a transaction of INR 27,069 from my bank account using my debit card while I was in possession of the card at the time and I was in Kanye not India. I reported the matter immediately with the Banks helpline but they said they could not reverse the international transaction because the money was already debited from my account, they said I should submit an affidavit from Police then they can investigate how they funds were debited and by who. I need your assistance coz it's not even 24hrs since it happened and I wanted to know if there is no way that the transaction cannot be cancelled and funds returned to the account. I have never used this card to buy anything online as they have been questioning since yesterday.

I got my statement yesterday and it doesn't reflect the transaction. However it reflects that I have funds pending because the closing balance and the actual balance are different and the difference is the amount missing from my account, meaning the funds have not cleared to wherever they are going

The first time I called the customer helpline they said it could take up to 48 days. but when I went there yesterday the lady who was assisting me said she will call me on Monday and advise about going to report the case to the Police.

I honestly thought since it's an international transfer they could stop the transaction going thru and clear the funds back into my account but they said they couldn’t.

I’m glad that you quickly reported the matter to the bank because until that point they’ll hold you liable for any losses you experience. Now at least there’s a chance they can intervene and prevent the payment going through to whoever stole your money. However, you also need to think very carefully about whether it’s possible that you gave away your card details. Have you been asked to enter them online at all in the last few days?

Meanwhile, I’m shocked that the bank say that it can take 48 days to check this out. I have no idea why a competent bank needs that much time to investigate a transaction.

The good news is that the payment seems not to have been completed yet. The fact that you alerted the bank early is in your favour but I’ll get in touch with the bank to see if they can go a little faster.

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