Sunday, 15 July 2018

Consumer Alert - WC Connect


15th July 2018

Consumer Alert: WC Connect

Consumer Watchdog would like to alert consumers about WC Connect, a pyramid scheme currently trying to recruit victims in Botswana.

The WC Connect web site describes the business as "an empowerment based membership program" and says that their:
"vision is to empower our members and through them we empower people around them by just introducing them to WC CONNECT".
However, there appears to be no product at the heart of their business model and recruitment is the only activity required. Their web site (which is registered to an address in Gboko in northern Nigeria) describes very clearly how this supposed business operates.

They claim that there's "NO BUYING" and "NO SELLING" and that it is:
"easy for its members to own houses, cars, laptops, mobile phones and many more without paying a coin. Its all free from WC CONNECT.You stand a chance to own a Brand new bungalow worth 140,000USD, at level 6 etc"
Messages posted in various WhatsApp groups were even clearer. They describe their business model like this.

The way they suggest recruits make money is very simple.

The obvious question was:

And the reaction was predictable:

There's no product, no buying and selling, no activity other than just recruiting other people into the scheme. It's a pyramid scheme.

You have been warned.

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