Friday, 22 January 2016

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An iPhone with no charger?

My husband got me an iPhone 4 as a birthday gift on the 7th January but the phone didn’t have a charger but a power bank thing and there was no earpiece.

On 11th January we travelled from Gumare where we stay to Maun and enquired about the unavailable accessories. The guy told us that they bought the phone like that from their supplier in South Africa, I told him that even the cheapest phone comes with those basic accessories and how come an expensive one could be sold without those basic accessories. After a long argument he gave me a Samsung earpiece which I refused to take, he sent me with his shop assistant to an opposite phone shop, saying they will give me an iPhone earpiece.

When I got there I explained what am looking for to the man, he told me the power bank is for the iPhone and I informed him that if was originally for the iPhone, it could be written iPhone, he then went to the store room, brought an open box with an iPhone 6 with a charger only and I told him that’s how an iPhone box and charger looks like, he said its because its iPhone 6 unlike mine which is an iPhone 4.

He then told me that he can only give a Samsung earpiece and nothing else. I told them that at some point, sooner the power bank given will be dead unlike if it was an original iPhone charger. What can I do?

You can take the phone back and demand a full refund and if the store give you any trouble we’ll call in the authorities. The absence of a charger and earphones means we can assume safely that this is a second-hand phone. Apple haven’t been selling the iPhone 4 for a long time now so I can’t see how a store could still have new ones in stock. As an iPhone user myself I can tell you clearly that EVERY genuine, new Apple phone comes with a charging cable, adaptor and earphones. They should also know that the iPhone 4 and 6 use completely different cables so why they were offering you an iPhone 6 cable is a mystery.

We called the store and said we assumed they’d know that the Consumer Protection Regulations specifically forbid stores from claiming that a “commodity is new when in fact it has deteriorated, or it has been altered, reconditioned, used or is second hand”. That’s when they admitted that the phone was “reconditioned” but they could do nothing to help you until the manager returned.

I think you should go back to the store and explain all of this to them. Explain that they are already in trouble with us and they soon will be with the Ministry of Trade and Industry. And here’s another thing. Look a the receipt they gave you. They have a VAT number but didn’t charge your husband VAT. Looks like they’re in trouble with BURS as well!

Do we know Three Link Connection?

Hello I would like to find out about a certain South African Company called Three Link Connection and they say that they triple someone money in just three weeks time which is something I think is too good to be true, do you know about these guys?

Oh yes, we know them very well indeed! They’re crooks.

We dealt with their victims several times in 2012 and 2013. Three Link Connection had made a range of amazing promises, telling them that they could treble their investments by buying cheap products in China and selling here in southern African for enormous profits. Unfortunately this was all lies. We heard from at least twenty people who had “invested” tens of thousands of Pula but had seen nothing back from them other than excuses and offers of more profits if only they’d hand over more money. Tragically many people did exactly that, throwing “good money after bad”.

I eventually traced the founder of this scam, Daisy Mogale, who had been prosecuted in SA for a previous scam she operated and she made it very clear how much contempt she had for her victims in Botswana. Once she stopped shouting at me down the phone and demanding to know who gave me her cellphone number she gave me her reaction to the complaints we’d received. “They’re all liars! All of them in Botswana are liars!” she told me.

Please don’t waste your money with these crooks, you’ll never see it again.

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