Monday, 25 January 2016

2016 Banking Survey - 1st results

We conducted our Very Unscientific Banking Survey last week on Facebook.

We called it "Very Unscientific" because that's what it was. Not even slightly scientific.

We asked people to describe their feelings about their bank "using only one word". Then we counted the 1,000 responses and divided them into three categories: good comments, neutral ones and then the bad comments.

Yes, it's not very scientific but it offers some clues. Here are three of them.

Firstly, people aren't exactly thrilled with their banks.

And then there was something else I noticed.

Many of the positive comments made about the larger banks referred to the technology but when people said good things about smaller banks they seemed more likely to mention the quality of service. I think that's plausible. The big banks rely on their technology but the smaller banks are better at service. Does that seem possible to you?

And finally. Are things getting better or worse?

When you compare these results to those from last year it's very simple. The proportion who made good comments hasn't changed. What HAS changed is the proportion saying bad things. It's gone down from 62% to 55% and almost all of them have moved to the neutral category. The observation is actually simple.

Banks in Botswana aren't getting better, they're just becoming a little less bad. And it's 1,000 people saying this.

So believe it.

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