Sunday, 26 July 2015

How to deal with a complaint. I'm celebrating The Braai Place.

Read and learn.

We had a complaint from a customer of The Braai Place. It’s a long story but it involved her delivery meal arriving very late and then apparently some rudeness from the delivery driver.

We contacted the management of The Braai Place and this was their response:
“Bad News Indeed! Its never a good day to receive such news but such is the nature of the beast. We are only getting wind of this incident through your correspondence and we investigated immediately. Suffice to say the version of events we are receiving is somewhat different, but in cases such as these, where the sequence of events is in dispute, we rely entirely on the customer’s account of events. As such we have instituted immediate disciplinary proceedings against our driver, whose actions we believe were entirely unacceptable. All our drivers have been instructed to refer such matters to the operations manager and not take matters into their own hands. So with that in mind we are ready and willing to offer an unreserved apology to our valued customer, either directly or through Consumer Watchdog.”
THAT is how you deal with a complaint. See the complaint through the eyes of the customer and, unless they’re a psychopath, respect them enough to believe them. Then apologise. Like you really mean it.

I’m not here to advertise the Braai Place but I think they deserve our respect for dealing with a complaint with such maturity and self-confidence. Good for them.

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