Friday, 31 July 2015

Another phishing attack arrives

Another Apple-related attempted phishing attack.

An email comes in apparently from "Apple Inc Genius".

You can probably tell from the quality of the language that this isn't really from Apple. But let's play along and see where it goes. Firstly Google warns me that I might be asking for trouble if I go any further. Thanks Google.

Being naturally curious I thought I'd take the risk. This is the clever bit. The next screen is a very good approximation of a genuine Apple page. I removed my Apple ID and replaced it with a fake ID and entered a fake password and then clicked on the button.

These phishing crooks aren't quite as good some others because the next page doesn't work. Normally they either return you to an Apple page, or more often send you to the Google home page adding an automatic search for child pornography. That's the other really smart element to the scam, it's what will keep you quiet and less likely to spread the word.

The lesson is simple. NEVER click on a link you see in an email to anything that will ask for your ID or password. It will ALWAYS be a scam.

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