Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fake universities

Here's a list of all the fake "universities" we've reported on in the last few years. If you ever see or hear that someone claims to have any qualification from any of these bogus establishments be very suspicious.
  • Almeda University
  • Ashwood University
  • Atlantic International University
  • Baytown University
  • Belford University
  • Belltown University
  • Collins University
  • Fargo University
  • Grant Town University
  • Hadley University
  • Hansford University
  • Headway University
  • Kennedy University
  • Knightsbridge University
  • McGraw University
  • McKinley University
  • Mount Lincoln University
  • MUST University
  • NewFord University
  • Northern Ireland Institute of Business and Technology
  • Northern Port University
  • Olwa University
  • Pacific International University
  • Panworld University
  • Payne Springs University
  • Raeford University
  • Richford University
  • Riverbanks University
  • Rochville University
  • University of SouthCentral Los Angeles
  • Woodfield University
And these are just the obvious fakes. How do you really know that the degree certificate from a real university is the real thing? With Microsoft Word and a colour laser printer you could produce something very persuasive in a matter of minutes.

Here, for example, is an entirely fake degree certificate that I stole from Belford "University" and adjusted. It took minutes.

Call us DR Consumer Watchdog in future please!

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