Sunday, 21 June 2015

A question about the fake Steadford "University"

Someone who preferred to remain anonymous sent us the following message about the fake Steadford "University". We've mentioned them a few times in the past.
"Please help! i have paid Steadford university in US dollars, did all the compulsory subjects, got my topics approved, then they called me to ask for another 900 US $ for accreditation which I paid. They called again and asked for another 4000$ for 'accreditation". When i asked for a breakdown of fees on an official letterhead, their documents to proof that they are a recognised higher education institution, I was scolded and then they told me they will wipe my credits and topics and put my degree on hold if i don't pay. After numerous phone calls and a lot of verbal abuse (from their side), they have now suspended my profile.. and i have no recourse for the plus minus 3600 US dollars i paid. Needless to say i have completed about 40% of my thesis and am sick! they keep on telling me that the state department stamps the degree.. my question to them is: are you a recognised institution, but they will not answer me! what to do?"
This shows what complete crooks the fake university industry are. Vast amounts of money for a worthless qualification that will only land you in trouble with your employer and the law if you're found out.

My problem is how to advise this person because they were anonymous. Hopefully they'll read this.

Steadford "University" is fraudulent, bogus, fake. You bought a fake degree from crooks who don't offer refunds.


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