Sunday, 10 August 2014


We couldn't have done the 2014 Consumer Watchdog Conference without the assistance, support and technical skills of a range of incredibly talented people.

JP Glanville of Showgroup is simply the best. JP immediately understood exactly what we wanted and made it happen. His experience is fantastic and his suggestions are those you just listen to and follow.

Irfan Kokabi from Citizen Design is a creative genius as well as being a great guy. We only ever talk to Irfan about design. There is nobody else.

What can you say about Bonni Dintwa? Correction. What can you say about Bonni Dintwa that is printable? The man is a force of nature. He's incredibly clever, intelligent, funny and has a mouth that works at exactly the same speed as his brain. He's also God's gift to women (Bonni, those were the words you wanted, right?).

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