Friday, 1 August 2014

Abolaji Akindejoye - a clarification

In the past we reported on the so-called "Stellios Foundation" and the scam they were running.

Part of what we revealed showed that the web site the scammers were using had been registered in 2013 by someone called "Abolaji Akindejoye" and that this person had apparently registered other domains that had been associated with scams.

Recently someone called Abolaji Akindejoye got in touch. This is what he said:
"Good day to you, My name is Abolaji Akindejoye and I am a techprenuer running a start up business in Nigeria. I have been in discussion with some investors for about a month and yesterday I got a phone call from them that they would not be investing in my intellectual property because they saw a report on some one also bearing the name "Abolaji Akindejoye" on Consumer Watchdog and they are not comfortable working investing and they are pulling out.

Out of shock and disbelief, I took it upon me to investigate this matter and stumbled upon your website "Consumer Watchdog". From my observation I see you are based in Botswana. I like what you are doing and what you stand for and I believe there should me many more people doing a great job like this around the world.

First I want to inform you that the name AKINDEJOYE is a big compound name with many descendants in south west Nigeria. In a country like Nigeria with over 170 million persons I am stating it to you as a matter of fact that they are over 10,000 citizens bearing this name. I do not know if any body has contacted you on this matter before. But at the moment your post has brought a set back to me and my firm. This will definitely affect many other innocent individuals bearing this name. I do not want this to repeat itself in the future I want to oblige you to see things from my point of view and clean off this name from your post.

I am a honest Nigerian and would and never will compromise my integrity at any point in time.

Thanks in advance for your understanding."
As Mr Akindejoye has asked us to "clean off this name from your post" and as I have to assume he's honest, it's my responsibility to at least consider his request. However after serious consideration I've concluded that even though he claims to have been embarrassed by the coincidence of having the same name as a scammer, what we reported was nevertheless correct. That WAS the name used to register at least two web sites run by scammers and the public have a right to know that in order to protect themselves.

However in the interests of protecting the honest Mr Akindejoye's name I'm happy to report that, as he says, this is a common name in his area of the world and that it's perfectly possible to mistake an honest person for a guilty one with the same name. Please, if you plan on investing with anyone, do your due diligence investigation and don't assume that just because there's a dishonest Abolaji Akindejoye that doesn't mean that everyone with that name is dishonest.

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