Sunday 13 July 2014

WorldVentures - it's not fair

WorldVentures is a pyramid scheme, there's little doubt about that.

They're also becoming defensive which is often a sign that there's something suspicious afoot.

Last year a travel blogger called Stephanie Yoder posted a rather damning critique of their scheme including the following sentence (which I wish I'd written):
"You are not going to get rich off of WorldVentures, but if you sign up WorldVentures is going to continue to get quite rich off of you."
Earlier this month there was a reaction. Britton Tuma, a Texas law firm acting on behalf of WorldVentures sent her one of the most pompous, silly legal threats (pdf file) I've read in a long time. This will give you a flavour of the threat:
"Be advised that this communication is without prejudice to any facts, regardless of whether stated herein. Further be advised that this communication is without prejudice to and shall not affect, in any manner, the rights, claims, remedies, actions or causes of action which WorldVentures has, or may have, at law, in equity, or otherwise."
Do you think the lawyer is charging by the word?

So here's why this isn't fair. Clearly threatening Stephanie isn't fair but what offends me even more is that I've been posting warnings about WorldVentures since 2009. Why didn't I get a legal threat?

It's not fair.

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