Wednesday 16 April 2014

Yet another fake university - "Johnstown University"

An email arrives to the Consumer Watchdog email address offering "an affordable and accredited US accredited degree in the shortest time possible" for a mere $395. The email from Johnstown "University" says that
"Johnstown University gives you an opportunity to get:
  • US Accredited Degree from 100% American owned, operated and serviced university, part of traditional United States University System.
  • No need to Study, No Classes to attend, No Exam to take.
  • Its Quick, Easy & Affordable & Most Importantly 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Get Application Approval within 24 hours with the subject of your prior studies or Life Experience with prior learning assessment process"
Did you spot it? The big clue that this isn't a real university and what they're offering isn't a real qualification?
  • "No need to Study, No Classes to attend, No Exam to take."
Despite claiming to have been "Established in 1991" and to have established "its online education system ... in the year 1996" it's curious that their web site was only created the day before yesterday. Funny that.

As always the real clues are in what they say online when you asks them a few questions.
Harvey Brown: Hello there
[Me]: Hi
Harvey Brown: How are you doing today ?
[Me]: I'm good thanks. Is it true I can get a degree from Johnstown University without doing any studying or exams?
Harvey Brown: Yes that's true
[Me]: How quickly can I get a degree?
Harvey Brown: 20-35 days of time
[Me]: And I don't have to do any work to get the degree?
Harvey Brown: yes do not need to do
Harvey Brown: this will be based on your Working experience
[Me]: And can you confirm how much it costs?
Harvey Brown: $899.00
[Me]: The email I received said $395.
Harvey Brown: OK, you are qualified for a Discounted fee
Johnstown "University" is yet another peddler of fake qualifications. Don't waste your money, your time or your reputation on them.

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