Monday 14 April 2014

The latest vanity award scheme, the "Global Society of High Intellect"

In comes an email from the ridiculously named "Global Society of High Intellect".

It starts...
"Dear Richard,

We are inviting all the professionals to become a member of Global Society of High Intellect - An elite intellectual society that recognizes individuals with a High IQ Level."
And concludes:
"NOTE: Membership of GSOHI has helped many people find the right jobs, plus it boosts your CV exponentially and makes a brilliant impression on the employer."
If you visit their web you can take an online "IQ test" that measures whether you're entitled to join this "prestigious society". I've now done this 30-question multiple choice test three times and each time answered entirely at random. My scores have varied from 12 to 17 out of 30 which is a LOT more than you would expect by chance alone. Regardless of my score each time I've received the same message at the end.
You have passed the Global Society of High Intellect (GSOHI) IQ test and are now eligible for an official membership of our prestigious society.

Please Note: Passing this test means that your IQ is better than 95% of general population which is a sign of unmatched brilliance."
Then they get to key issue. I can become a member of the "Global Society of High Intellect" if I cough up just $150 of my money. It's a bargain of course, they claim it's been discounted from $1,000 but

Let's sum up. This bizarre organisation, who claim to have existed online for 10 years but whose web site was only registered on 24th March this year (at half past ten in the morning) offers a bizarrely scored IQ test that it seems anyone can pass, regardless of their intelligence.

Isn't it obvious? This ridiculous "Society" is yet another vanity award scheme. Their membership is worthless.

Don't waste your time and money.

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