Monday, 12 November 2012

Corllins "University" are thieves and liars

Corllins "University" is not a real university. It's nothing more than a web site owned by the “Organization for Global Learning Education”, a scam started by a crook called Salem Kureshi in Pakistan. He operates a number of so-called universities calling themselves Belford, Northern Port, Panworld, Headway, Ashwood, Rochville, MUST, OLWA, McFord and Corllins.

Corllins have a Facebook group that includes a number of "Tips for Online Learning success" (in slightly imperfect English) such as:
"Tip # 3 – Get into study routine. Plan time out of your normal routine for study and to keep your concentration up, allow time for healthy snacks and breaks.once your study schedule is right, your online course will be a breeze."
They also include pictures of some of their successes. Like this one, which they say is of their "School of Medicine":
Which is curious.

Here's a picture of the students studying for a Health Care MBA at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the USA.

What a coincidence.

So they're photo thieves and liars as well as pedlars of fake qualifications. Are we surprised?

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