Monday, 20 February 2012

OLWA University - another fake university

Yet another cloned fake university, this time calling itself "OLWA University. It claims accreditation from the "Global Accreditation Council for Online Academia" which, you've guessed, isn't a recognized accreditation body.

They claim to have existed, entirely online, for 17 years:
"Me: hi
Sam Clark: How may I help you?
Me: can you tell me about OLWA university? i've not heard of it before
Sam Clark: What do you want to know?
Me: does it have a campus or is it just online?
Sam Clark: Online
Me: how long has it existed?
Sam Clark: 17 years
Me: it's always been online at
Sam Clark: Yes
Me: so why was the domain only registered on 26 May 2010?
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator."
So they lie. The domain "" was only registered 2 years ago:
Registered through: Go Daddy
Created on: 26-May-10
Expires on: 26-May-12
Last Updated on: 19-May-11
Another fake to add to the list!


Anonymous said...

Welcome OLWA to the biggest internet scam of diploma mills going!

OLWA is the 17th fake university posted by Organization for Global Learning Education.

See for more details about this scam.

Recognized Universities said...

Thanks for sharing the useful info related to OLWA University. Hope your post will alert students dreaming to join this fake institution.

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Anonymous said...

They also just terminated my chat after I asked too many questions...bloody scammers!!!

Anonymous said...

olwa university called me and they said that they are calling from usa while the international telephone code number was +44 . when i asked them how come you are caalling from usa with a +44 they could not find any reason to answer.

kamil said...

Yep the same with me they contacted me as well, but if they are fake, why they do they still have a web site and scamming people, why the Authorities do not do anything about it.
I honestly got suspicious about them, they even offered a discount if I pay right away.

Anonymous said...

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