Monday, 17 October 2011

Scam alert: "Best Moore"

There's a "romantic advance fee" scammer on the scene currently calling himself "Best Moore". He has a Facebook page under that name but also calls himself "Gleen" by which I think means "Glen".

He claims to be an American working in London but that's not true. He's a scammer. Obviously the picture he's chosen isn't him, it's one he's stolen from somewhere.

After befriending a woman from Facebook he'll eventually claim that he's sending a package using a shipping company called Global Cargo Alliance in Malaysia. While this company is genuine they have no branches in Malaysia. I know this because they've issued a warning on their web site about it.

This fake shipping company will want payment of $670 before they release the package and guess what? They want paying using Western Union.


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Anonymous said...

i got a same thing but different name was used. by the name of Terry Smith.

hi dearest love _____________,

how you doing today and when i woke up just thinking about you and i do love and appreciate you from every bit of my heart and cause words alone cant express how much i love so i decide to show much appreciation for you as a token appreciation and for the contract i won there is love in sharing and told my mom about you and she likes your good descent homely look and says you wonderful and beautiful and can make me happy and take care of my son Jones so please accept and manage the presence am sending from my heart to you and i know you love them when you receive it please
note;see attach the copies of the airway bill and the package for your information and notification ok ,and
I went to the courier company to post the parcel to the address you gave me, From what the company told me they said the parcel will arrive its destination in 2 to 3 days time to get to UAE and your destination .. I sent a package containing a rose flower, Gucci handbag, 1 iphone, White gold necklace, Wrist watch, 2pcks of Gucci perfume, and me and family pictures.and a apple ipad and I sealed in the phone pack some amount of money for you as a token from my heart, You can use the money to solve other pressing needs please just bear with me I cant wait to be with you soonest possible lots of love and wish you once again and let me know as soon as you receive it ok and make sure you ensure all the items are complete and make sure you take care of the package and print the receipt to enable and ensure you the receiver ok i had spend alot and payed for the deposit of delivery and Like they explained to me, they will call you once they get to your destination for a little Tax charge the balance which varies Asian tax fee before dispatching to you and hope you comply with them and ensure you print out the copy of the airway bill at point of collection and let me know as soon as you receive it thanks..
lots of love got to stop here for now cause is its a busy day and very hectic day for me got much to do and will talk with you more later ok have a great day with love muahxxx

love Terry

i've already thought something was fishy about him and also the fotos he sent me of the airway bill and package fotos. then i went over the internet to check/track the parcel. and low and behold, there is no GCA Malaysia:D hahahaha so yah, thanks to this blog entry:p