Friday, 21 October 2011

More Yellow Pages problems

We got an email from a reader who also felt that the SADC Yellow Pages people were deceptive. We commented on them earlier this month.

The email said:
"There is a company calling itself SADC Yellow Pages. I suspect that this same company that once conned our company of some money. They get your information from your website or directory. Someone calls from South Africa with the details of the manager. What they will then request is to do you a free artwork to see if you will be interested in placing your company in the directory. The person insist that they fax you the request for a free artwork form while you hold. As you do that, she tells you to sign at the bottom and fax it back to her. You are then promised to be sent the artwork for proof reading. The next time you will receive an invoice. The last time they did it they used the name SADC Directories. They have now returned calling themselves SADC Yellow Pages."
If this is how they operate then it certainly seems deceptive to me. Who else has been contacted by them?


Halona Naidoo said...

I also have had the same person worrying me. But after reading this I dont think i will fax thru the form. I was sceptical at first as I was conned abt 3 yrs ago with the telkom directory services scam. Cant the yellow pages do something about this??

yudish singh said...

This company tried to con me! I think the persons name was Rionel Sampson. I told them to f**k off, the only language these con artists understand!

Anonymous said...

I was also contacted by one of they so called agents and yes they are one con artist company with different names to confuse people first they will try you with their "business directory renewal" which you will recieve from the company name SADC ADVERTISING once you have signed this under false pretense and made for your advert they will then send you another contract SADC DIRECTORIES for the "online directory" and it doesnt end there ULWAZI DIRECTORIES now comes SADC YELLOWPAGES i advise you all to be very careful of these companies and please for you own finacial safety do not sign any documentation from them they are fraudsters their is only one yellowpages and that is trudon and they trying to shut these con artists down but they need you help so spread the word people.
Asleigh Steyn