Tuesday 8 December 2009

Emails about the Bizz Awards

Following our coverage of the fake awards scheme called "The Bizz Awards" run by the "World Confederation of Businesses" we received an anonymous email offering us inside information.  The emails from the anonymous source are in red, my responses are in blue.
Yes, I'm still interested.  What is your connection or interest in the Bizz Awards?
That's very interesting.  What else can you tell me?
I can tell you a lot, they kick me out of my job because I was trying to tell my boss things must change, I didn't like the way they treat the members and clients, I am left without job.
That's very interesting.  Tell me more.  Where are you from?
And then it begins to become even more suspicious.  I'm supposed to "give something" to get the infomration... (my emphasis below).
from europe, I came to peru to work for them, I wish to tell you more but I would like to know if you can give something to help me to spend a nice a christmas because thanks to those people I am left with nearly nothing.
Perhaps you can give me a little more detail first?
I was in charge to get in touch with the clients for a couple of months, I have documents in my hands, I know a lot about what is going on. the evaluation comity never was, it is just a business.
I think we all knew that the so-called evaluation mechanism is a nonsense but it's interesting to hear that confirmed.
Another request for money for the information (my emphasis below).
I have a lof of documents and I can tell you much more about but I really am in a difficult financial situation and I would like to know what you can do to help me to spend a better christmas that the bizz awards offered me.
And then...
I have originals texts where the bizz awards people explain us very clearly how to lie and manipulate the companies managers to get money out of them, I have a lot of informations. everything is fake, just to get money out of the customers.
Is it possible you can send me some of this?
Another request for reward (my emphasis).
I'm sorry, I can't offer you money for information, it would be totally unethical.  Thanks anyway for getting in touch.
In my email yesterday I said: "I'm sorry, I can't offer you money for information, it would be totally unethical".  Thanks anyway for getting in touch.
Well it is your choice, I don't understand, you should also undestand my point of view and see my position, I believe I could give you a lot of information witch will let you to see how much the bizz awards are a rip off they keep on lying to more and more companies and you could have help people and give your blog more credibility i don't know if so many managers rread you but with the informations I will give you your blog will really be on the top, but if you want to miss the best scoop you could have about the bizz awards, I think it is not ethical to leave a victim of the bizz awards without noting I also need my chistmas. it is fear, I also take a risk on telling you the information, I send you as attach document the last orders our manager gave us to manipulate managers to let them signing the contrat to make them members of the bizz awards. it is in spanish but you can translate it, our company is located in lima peru it has never been in houston texas usa. If you can offer a gift of partnership I will tell you more.
Attached to the email was a document in Spanish that appears to indicate that the Bizz Awards people manipulate their "customers" and are not entirely truthful about their operations.  Unfortunately my Spanish is virtually non-existent and Google does only a moderate job of translating things.  However a good friend who speaks Spanish cast some doubt on the document, describing it as "full of spelling mistakes and typos".

And then later...
I thought I could trust you, indeed I think it is fair what I am asking you, I believe that you are not really interested on solving the bizz awards story, I am really sorry about, I might have rung the wrong door, who knows.
And then more...
it is totaly unethical to leave out with nothing somebody who is also victim of the bizz awards and try to help you to understand what is going on, also I didn't ask for money, I asked you what you can give me in exchange, I help you to make your blog world wide famous and to make justice and you just make me a small christmas gift, there is nothing wrong about it, it is fair. I am waiting for your answer be clever bizz awards are winning and we have to do something to stop them they are becoming more and more important and lie to people about what they reallly are, so do you really want to make something to stop tnem and to give your blog its real importance.
I don't like being called "unethical" so I replied as follows:
Don't you think it's unfair to accuse ME of being unethical when it's YOU that is demanding a reward for handing over information?
At the moment I wonder whether you are actually FROM the Bizz Awards and trying to trap me into unethical and perhaps illegal conduct.
This just stirred up a hornet's nest:
well I don't know what you are talking about, I allready told you I I was working for the bizz awards and I already gave you informations to prove it I don't know what kind of unethical or ilegal conducts you are talking about but I think the bizz awards are the only one to follow an ilegal conduct I am just a person who was been rip off by those people i thought you could be able to help me and that we could be working together to solve the bizz awards but I guess today you have never been interested to solve the bizz awards problem you are just playing a game and nothing else thank you for your help I know what are people like you selfish your blog will never be famous and recognized because you are not strong enough to get along you were just here to play with some people. I will just tell you that : houston bizz awards event do not exist yet no reservation has been made it is just another tricks from them theirs world events are just wind they are selling promesses witch do not exist like the african events. you have to know what you really want. 
And then more...
a friend a mine who was working with me in the bizz awards and they also kick out in the same day todl me about you and I heard a lot about you from him he is my best friend and realy I am quiet surprise the way you talk to me we thought you are an ambitious person who just like justice and could help us to keep along meanwhile those people just fired us help us to tell all those companies what are really the bizz awards before they lie to more companies every time you were talking to my friend I was on his side everytime you were talking to him. I know about you and  we are quiet surprise the way you react today
And more still...
totaly normal to ask for reward for information meanwhile I am left without job i call it solidarity and fairness we have a family i think you don't want to do anything to solve the bizz awards and to help us, you are just having fun and you don't care. I tell you there is no reservation made for the Houston event and they are lying to people. their office is in peru and has never been in Houston you blog up to know has a very little impact they don't care they keep on lying to people I thought we could solve this problem together and give your blog a real impact but we see that you are not really interested on acting.
And then...
I make a mistake to get in touch with you I thought I could trust you but my friend told me you are just a story teller, you are not strong enough to get on you are just a son of family who doesn't know what to do with his life, you don't really care about the bizz awards and your blog is just a big joke I don't believe I can trust you because you blog will never be able to fight against the bizz awards and we will keep going without you it is a pity. 
All of this just because I wouldn't pay you for your information?
I already gave you some very important information, but you don't seem so interestied on the bizz awards, I was there when you were calling,  I read all your mails and i know very well the person you were in touch with, I can give you much more informations about the bizz awards, I didn't ask you to pay me but just to understand my situation and to help me like I help you with a little christmas gift, I think it is fair and honest, I will eat dry bread for christmas for the bizz awards manager guilt, I thought you could understand me.
And then...
I will tell you that - the bizz awards is just a selling business - the services they propose do not exist - it is just a call center to sell - they just want to take money out of the companies - especially african companies - evaluation comity do no exist - there is no office in houston - houston event is not confirmed and booked yet - they already lied about other events - the company is called calidad de impacto - it is a call center nothing else - it is based in lima peru - james real name is jesus moran - his only objective is to push his tele operators to get contracts at any cost
And then...
if you think it is wrong to rip off companies why do you consider as fair to fired employees who do not accept to follow  the calidad de impacto rules we lost our job because we were honest and if you have a real sense of justice you will understand I never asked you to pay for information but just solidarity to help us to spend a better Christmas that jesus moran promessed us I hope you are more human in your heart than him. it is hope to you my friend, I gave you basic information about the bizz awards the world confederation of businesses calidad de impacto now you have to know what   way you have to follow 
 I still didn't know what this "gift" should so I asked:
So what exactly do you mean by "a little christmas gift"?  Give me a clue?
I let you make the choice it is your gift, my gift to you is information about the bizz awards, what is yours.  jesus moran has two partners his wife and an american called michael
some people keep on selling bizz awards to the entire world on the side of jesus moran, mostly in south america but a small team keep on selling in africa middle east and india do you want to stop it and give your blog a real importance 
Then I asked:
If I was to send you a "a little christmas gift" how would I send it to you?
choose the way it is your gift, once you know the gift you want  to offer me then we will find a way to let me to have it. thanks.
jesus moran sells 3 more contrats and 2 more from his colleagues. they keep on lying to people. they rip off 19 companies from french africa, mali benin ivoiry cost, now there are working especially with middle east, they made one contrat with dubai at the begining of the week.
This isn't working for me.  Make it clear. What "cost" is there for your information?
I have no price, I just wish to spend the nice christmas jesus moran and his calidad de impacto bizz awards denied me, I want you to estimate what is worse a nice christmas, send me  and offer me what is worse for you. I will send you a list of african clients later on. I know a lot about them and their way to work, it is a big lie.
I was getting bored by now...
No.  If you have a price, please name it, otherwise let's stop communicating.
Finally I get an idea of what he wants.  It IS cash and quite a lot of it too!
sorry you take it that way, well i already gave you a lot of information and you didnt gave me anything yet, I have no price, I am left with nothing just before christmas I have children, so I am asking for your solidarity, my christmas gift is my information about the bizz awards and you gave a nice christmas, I dream about a nice chritmas, just to make nice gift to my 5 children, my wife, a nice time and a nice gift for me, I dont ask for money, I am not for sale, but I believe as I am left with nothing my family and I have the right to spend a nice chrismas like anybody else, for all those things I would have dream to spend 1000 dollars, but it might be just a dream.
And then, finally, eventually...
I believe you don't take me seriously because you didn't publish anything of what I wrote you in your blog, I doubt you are really interested on solving the bizz awards problem.  

I hope readers will forgive me for not paying a total stranger US$ 1,000 in return for this information but I DO have some standards.

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