Wednesday 23 December 2009

Do NOT give Prokard your bank details!

Just received this email from a consumer:
A sales person called me and identied her company as Protea Hotels (Prokard Midrand). She was selling a product. I asked for more clarity to be emailed.
She asked a couple of questions including how do I celebrate my birthday, where, when is it?  She asked if she can send information via my address, asked for the addrres which I gave.
She proceeded to ask about my banking details which I questioned initially because I was not buying anything that I did not quite understand. I was foolish enough to give the details anyway, I did not authorise the transaction though.
Instead of getting more information as per my request my Credit Card account was debited (BWP 1000) and I never got the information I needed nor the product.
Made follow up why my account was debited, the response was very casual. Wrote an email with no response.
It isn't the first time we've had a complaint about Prokard telemarketers.  We reported on exactly the same situation back in July this year.

We've emailed Prokard but given that it's nearly Christmas and that they didn't seem to give a damn last time I'm not expecting much of a response.  If there's a festive miracle we'll let you know.

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