Sunday 20 September 2009

WorldVentures - can you make money? No.

WorldVentures recently took over Success University which you might think strange given that one sells educational materials and the other sells holiday schemes. However maybe it's not so when you consider that both are pyramid-structured selling schemes. Success University was outlawed as an illegal pyramid scheme in Namibia. Is this just a way for them to get past that or is it perhaps because SU didn't succeed in Botswana?

Very few people make any money from pyramid-structured schemes. Even Worldventures’ own figures show this to be true. They confess that in 2008 70.2% of their recruits made no money from the scheme. Of those that did make money, the median earnings were a pathetic $114.60. Then, hidden away in the small print it says:
“These figures do not represent Representatives’ profits; they do not consider expenses incurred by Representatives in the promotion of their business.”
So that $114.60 is before you have paid your expenses, like your phone bill, internet charges, A4 paper and postage?

Steer clear of WorldVentures if you want to keep hold of your money. In fact steer clear of any scheme that promises you riches, makes any reference to “lifestyle” or encourages you to recruit other people into the scheme.

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