Tuesday 15 September 2009

We get mail

Someone calling themself "Faith" clearly doesn't like me saying that the BioDisc is a ridiculous lump of useless glass and that QuestNet is a pyramid scheme.

Her comment goes like this...
i am highly dissappointed in you guys.i have one question for you.did you actually try using the disc and did not see the effect before you started saying it does not work.
So sorry you're disappointed. No, I don't need to use a product that is so obviously implausible to have a reasonable suspicion that it's useless. Even the manufacturers admit in their disclaimer that it doesn't do anything.
i am a medical practitioner and no one brought the product to me,i saw it in a magazine and i did a research for over 2 mths looking for different articles about it before i purchased it.
Frankly you are either NOT really a medical practitioner or you're a very poor quality one if you don't demand evidence of something working before you buy into their pyramid scheme. Why don't you provide me with copies of your credentials? I might then believe you.
whether you believe it or not i have amazing testimonies concerning the use the disc.some of my patients are off their hypertensive and diabetic drugs few months after usage.i no longer have bone pains whenever i'm stressed.u don't pay for any registration with your credit card except you are interested in the network which is a mere $10. please the leaders in the network are highly responsible and intelligent people i have read 2 of their books and watched different videos.dont tarnish their images without first doing your due deligence.i'm just 3mths in the network and i'm still in the learning stage but what i have gained in my short interaction with them is amazing.thank you.
Evidence please? If a piece of glass can perform miracles shouldn't there be some evidence, REAL evidence, not just made-up anecdotes? Frankly if this thing worked there would be Nobel Prizes for medicine being awarded and pharmaceutical companies queuing up to cash in on it.

So, please forgive me if I don't suddenly convert to QuestNet and waste my money on the Biodisc. Forgive me if I dont take "Faith" seriously when "her" profile on Blogger list her blogs as follows:
  • Panic Away Tips
  • Stock trading tips
  • Demystifying Network Marketing
  • Premature Ejaculation Solutions
  • Medical Tips For Women
Please, if you're going to criticise me, try a little harder?

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