Thursday 6 August 2009

Worthless ebooks - Updated

We were contacted by a consumer who received an unsolicited email:
From: Charles
Dear Friend,
I'm going to offer you an *incredible* deal. You can buy all 28 of the ebooks below for only $ 19.95 (Pula 140)! That's right, that's only *USD 7 cents( Pula 5) per ebook! *You'll get over *180 chapters*
Each and every ebook contains 28 *amazing* tips, strategies and secrets.
*"Download All 28 eBooks *
*Immediately After Ordering!"*
*The best part is that you can buy them online with ANY CREDIT card or ANY DEBIT card featuring the VISA ELECTRON logo
*To order by credit card or debite card online *over a secure server
We've seen some of the ebooks on offer. They're also available elsewhere entirely free (legitimately or not I don't know) but more importantly they're not worth a thebe, cent or penny. All they offer is advice such as:
Offer easy navigation. People will leave quicker if they have a hard time finding what they're looking for.
Wow. Don't waste your money.



I emailed Charles and asked him about these ebooks and he responded very politely suggesting that anyone he emailed can unsubscribe from his mailing list whenever they want to.

A little later one of the consumers who had received the initial invitation got a follow-up from Charles withdrawing the offer of the ebooks and offering anyone who had purchased them a complete refund! Result!

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