Thursday 20 August 2009

I get a comment

I had a very courageous comment from "Anonymous" who commented on the piece on the BioDisc and Questnet that appears here.

The comments go like this.
you every country Questnet started in we experienced this negative ish!!!! it was banned in Malaysia and India, Iran 8 years ago...
today it has made over 1,000 millionaires in each country!
yes it may b a load of bull!( you may thnk that)
you are allowed to!
you know people said that about Amway when it started! it is not a scam!!! Questnet is the fastest growing network marketing company in the world! dont need to go into detail bout anything thats happened and the big markets...
just know that Questnet is going to take Southern Africa by storm! i'm already making big mulas, and m only 20!!!! w8 and see sir!
Yes, I DO think it's a lot of "bull". No, Questnet has NOT made "over 1,000 millionaires" in every country. Provide evidence for that claim.

For your information, there are people (like me) who still criticise Amway. The vast majority of people who get involved in Amway make no money from them either. Want evidence?

If you are so confident of your claims why won't you give your name?

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