Tuesday 21 July 2009

An email about Questnet

My response is below the email.
i am a student in Malaysia and i read your report online about Questnet being a scam. i'd say you are mis-informed.

Do you know what network marketing is??? do you know a company called Amway???

network marketing is an industry which has created the most millionaires of all the industries.

network marketing lets one to use time and money leveraging to create passive income! if Questnet was a scam, then the Ugandan government wouldnt be in it.

the islands of Papau New Genuia.

i'm surprised they let outrageous articles like the one you had to be published. Do you know what a pyramid scheme is?

If Questnet was a Pyramid scheme it wouldn't be in existence today! then Amway wouldn't be in existence today.

and the products are amazing. and they do work! the bio-disc, its helped with my asthma.

bio-disc is a new product in the market, just the time when people were introduced to the idea of the cellphone! everyone thought it was crazy, and today everyone has one.

'Nano technology'! go and research about it! is what is used to engineer this bio-disc and chi-pendant.
Please... do your research, Questnet International will grow in Southern Africa and you are gonna watch it do so.

People like you who dont know what they are talking about, write these reports. its been said that Questnet was a scam in every country its been a success. Iran is the biggest market in Questnet in the world, followed by Nigeria and then Malaysia, Tanzania, Kenya, to name a few. These are countries with very strict laws in which companies like these operate!

And i know you will join Questnet, it will be launched in Botswana soon enough! and you will see the ''SCAM''! unfold in your eyes... and please... keep writing about it... we appriciate the free publicity!

Mr Goh Seng Hong is my business partner.... i am a motswana, 20 years old! and i will be successfull.

I mean just look at the richest people in the world! not even half of them have degrees! network marketing is the future of the economic world!

research about it before you publish it!

thank you.
Thanks for the email.
  • Misinformed? No.
  • Do I know what network marketing is? Yes.
  • Do I know a company called Amway? Yes, I met with their SA MD a year ago when I suggested that they were pyramid - structured. I stand by that. Look at the evidence from their UK court case on the real success of their IBOs.
  • Network marketing has NOT "created the most millionaires of all the industries". Please provide evidence for this claim. Evidence that doesn't come from the networking marketing industry itself.
  • The Ugandan Government is not "IN" QuestNet. Please provide evidence.
  • You're "surprised they let outrageous articles like the one you had to be published". It's called freedom of speech. You have a right to believe in magical glass just as I have a right to say that lumps of glass can't cure disease.
  • Yes, I know what a pyramid scheme is.
  • The BioDisc is a piece of glass with no magical properties. It did not help your asthma. That was either a placebo effect or a coincidence. The manufacturers of the BioDisc issue a disclaimer that says "Amezcua hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to this product including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose". Even the people that make this lump of glass admit that it does nothing.
  • I DID do my research. I also applied thought rather than superstition.
  • "the richest people in the world! not even half of them have degrees". Then why are you studying in Malaysia?
  • I did extensive research before writing what I've written about scams. I always do.
  • "And i know you will join Questnet". That's just silly.
I stand by what I say.

Just out of interest, are you a Government-funded student? If so, does your placement allow you be in business while studying? I thought it required a full-time commitment?

This, along with your email will be posted on the Consumer Watchdog blog. I'll remove your name.

Ad hominem attacks rarely reinforce a successful argument.

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