Friday 17 July 2009

Another travel scam - "Transition Abroad"

Transitions Abroad is a legitimate web site that offers advice and stories on working away from your native land. However their name is being abused by a bunch of scammers.

These crooks have placed advertisements in various local newspapers advertising opportunities "to work, volunteer and study abroad". All you have to do is give them N$2,500 (about P10,000) and then you get a guaranteed job in some far-flung, exotic location.

They carefully point out that you shouldn't contact the real Transition Abroad people and should only use their Gmail account.

This is a scam. Firstly the cellphone number they give is the same as the ITA Work and Travel scam we exposed in our Consumer Watchdog column in Mmegi and which was reported in Monitor. Secondly the real Transitions Abroad people have confirmed that they have nothing to do with it. They say that they "are in no way connected to this scam".

Give these crooks a miss if you want to hold onto your money!

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