Thursday 15 January 2009

An invitation to join Success University

This is my response to an invitation I got to join Success University. The invitation is at the end of my response.


I urge everyone to ignore offers of financial success from Success "University".

Success "University" is a pyramid-selling scheme and was recently declared illegal in Namibia by the Bank of Namibia because of the way it operates. At Consumer Watchdog we have urged the authorities here in Botswana also to take action against them.

Ask yourself this: Why would they call themselves a University when they aren't a university? They don't employ lecturers, don't have premises and, above all, don't award qualifications. They call themselves a University because it's a scam.

You can see more at: Consumer Watchdog then click on the link to "Scams" or in the Mmegi column section - look for the articles published on 19th December and 28th November or on the Consumer Watchdog blog at:
Lying to Scammers
Success University
An email regardng Success University
A visit from Success University
Advertisement from Success University

You can also download the Bank of Namibia press release here.

You can also read the Consumer Watchdog column in Mmegi this coming Friday which mentions them again.

Keep your money safe, don't throw it away in a pyramid scheme.



Richard Harriman

On Jan 13,09, at 5:02 PM, Collins wrote:


My name is Collins and I’m based in Gaborone, Botswana.

I would like to share with you a personal development program which is changing many lives around the world. Where you can learn on-line on topics such as:-

- Leadership -Sales
- Motivation -Real Estate
- Internet Marketing -Nutrition
- Network Marketing -Finance and Investment
- Communication -Health and Fitness
-Many more topics

You can also earn passive income in US dollars (USD) if you share this concept with other people.

I currently run my on-line business which pays me in US dollars part-time besides my full time job as an Accounts Manger for a leading media house called the Business Diary.

For more information please visit my website;

I believe you will be inspired.

Yours truly,

Collins XXXXX [name removed to protect the innocent]

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