Monday 12 January 2009

Euro College in Botswana

Following an article in the Sunday Standard on Euro College.

The Editor
Sunday Standard
By fax to 3188795

12th January 2009

Dear Sir

In your edition of 11th January you reported on the visit to Gaborone by representatives from Euro College from the Republic of Ireland marketing the courses they offer.

I am concerned that, as reported in the article, they claim to offer “courses that were currently in demand, especially with regard to the Information technology industry, Nursing and Engineering.” Readers might think this is somewhat disingenuous given that, in fact, Euro College only offer English language courses. They do not actually offer any courses in IT, nursing or engineering.

Euro College, and many other colleges based in the Republic of Ireland have, in recent years, been heavily criticised for offering entry into the European Union via the more relaxed immigration rules present in the Republic. Their representative explicitly mentioned this in his comments that you reported.

Your readers might not know that Euro College has been in the spotlight in Ireland over the last few years, being the subject of a TV program that reported a number of concerns over their marketing and the confused expectations they had allegedly caused in the minds of foreign students.

While there are obviously very many perfectly reputable and respectable training institutions in the Republic of Ireland readers should be aware that there are very many that are, in fact, fraudulent, non-accredited and which exaggerate the quality and nature of the courses they offer.

I am obviously not suggesting any wrong-doing by Euro College but I urge Batswana to be extremely careful before parting with their money in the hope of entering the European Union via an Irish educational institution. Some research beforehand is well worth the time.

With best regards

Richard Harriman
Consumer Watchdog

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