Friday 14 March 2008

The Voice - Dear Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer's Voice

I have visited a particular salon on several occasions and have experienced appalling behaviour from the owner of the salon. The lady yells at her customers and workers for that matter.

She shouts at customers for trying on too many wigs, which are all very pricey. She is very impatient when you want to try on more than one wig and insists that the first one you tried on suits you therefore you should buy it. She gets aggressive and shouts at customers for being indecisive in terms of hair styles. If you talk to her about the issue she argues without listening and eventually drowns you out by talking to someone else leaving you unattended.

From the minute of walking in the salon you feel like a piece of meat waiting to be processed. The salon advertises itself as the one of the best and yet it seems the main focus of the salon is to serve as many clients as possible. They DO style the hair as desired but the experience is not enjoyable.

Should you send your mystery shoppers to try out the service and prove me wrong?

This is one of the easier questions we’ve had recently. Our advice is really very simple. Just don’t go there again. Tell all your friends about your experience and tell them to tell all of their friends. You’ll be surprised how quickly the word spreads. Companies that deliver services based on skills and the welcome they give to customers survive on good will alone. As soon as that good will evaporates so does their business. We’re not even slightly sympathetic if she goes out of business. She has no right to succeed, success has to be earned. She hasn’t earned it so why should she succeed?

Remember our advice to everyone. The two most powerful weapons a customer possesses are a left foot and a right foot. Use them!

P.S. Yes, we will send a mystery shopper over to see them!

P.P.S. If you think you could BE a mystery shopper give us a call!

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