Friday 10 March 2017

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Why can’t they close my account?

I need your assistance.  I tried to get a residential loan from my bank. Upon my bank checking with CRB if I do not owe any bank they told me that I owe another bank the sum of P4,146.  I was surprised because I don’t know owing any bank.  I paid CRB P50 to enquire and they confirmed that I owe the money.

I told them that I have long closed my account but the man said there is nothing that he can do so I should go to the bank to enquire.

When I got to the bank I explained to them that I can’t get a loan because I am told that I owe them the money.  I explained that I have closed my account in December 2013 but they told me there is no how they can assist me and I need to see the person whom I closed the account with. 

That lady then checked my records and she found my account to be zero in December which was the time I closed my account.  Now because there was an error on their side because they didn’t close the account and incurred some charges to the amount of P4,146. Imagine since beginning of February until now they are still handling my issue which is disadvantaging me at my new bank.

I hope you do assist me in this query.

Clearly attention to detail is not the strong point of this bank. I understand that mistakes can be made, no person and no organisation is perfect but I expect banks to have systems in place to make sure mistakes happen as rarely as possible and they get fixed as soon as they’re identified.

So far you’ve done exactly what I would recommend. You’ve done your research and have asked the bank to investigate and report on the problem. All that’s left is for them to take responsibility for their mistake.

I understand that when an organisation updates or corrects the data held on their customers by credit reference bureaux it can take a little while to reflect but I think in this case they need to move a little faster. Their mistake is causing you financial problems and it’s not something they can take a relaxed attitude with. We’ve contacted the bank about this and I’m sure they’ll be in touch very shortly!

Is this enough?

My wife and I got married in December and engaged the services of a photographer from a company to capture the event. The wedding passed and when it was time to see the pictures before he makes an album, my gosh.. they were horrid. We sent emails back and forth with the guy and when I finally demanded a refund he said he would only give back P3,770 out of the P11,320 we paid him. Consumer Watchdog kindly advise on what to do.

I always ask this question whenever we get a complaint about wedding service providers like photographers, organisers and caterers. What is it with the wedding industry? Why are there so many crooks and incompetents?

I took a look at some of the photos you sent me and I agree they’re not very good. I’m certainly not a professional photographer but I think you and I could probably do as well as this guy if we had his equipment. Given that you paid him a large amount of money I think you have a right to something better. I suppose the only redeeming aspect of what he did is that he did take a LOT of pictures. The online album he created for you to examine contains 2,135 pictures but the ones I looked at were just rather ordinary.

Clearly there’s not much that can be done to make the pictures better. There’s a limit to what he can do to adjust the quality and it’s not exactly possible to hold your wedding again, is it?

I suggest you go back to him one last time and explain that Section 13 (1) (a) of the Consumer Protection Regulations requires suppliers such as him to deliver products and services that are “of merchantable quality” and that Section 15 (1) (a) requires him to deliver services “with reasonable care and skill”. I think it’s reasonable to ask a professional photographer to be several levels above amateurs like you and me. See if he comes up with a better offer than a 33% refund.

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