Saturday 17 December 2016

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Can I get a longer warranty?

Please advise me. I bought a machine from a shop in Gaborone, it has 2 months guarantee but within the 1st month the machine started having problems and was not working as it should be. I took it back to them and they worked on it, it is now working,

However I would prefer having my money back as I don’t trust it any more but they refused saying it is now working perfectly. My worry is that, they still insist that, the guarantee is only 2 months, I would like it to have at least 6 months guarantee or 1 year. I feel in 2 months maybe it will be worn out and I will have lost my money.

What do I do?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure there’s much you can do. From what you said, there’s no suggestion that the store lied to you about the length of the warranty. It sounds like they told you from the beginning that the machine only came with the two-month warranty.

The bad news is that you accepted that. You don’t have a right to go back to a store and demand that they change the conditions of the sale you agreed to. It would be like going back to a car dealer and demanding that they give the car more power or change its colour. It seems that you accepted the two-month warranty and there’s nothing you can do to change that. It would only be if they deceived you somehow that you would have a right to change the deal. Put simply, you don’t have the power to force them to offer a decent warranty. You don’t have a right to force them to offer good service or to be a better business.

There are two lessons here. Firstly, the cheapest choice isn’t usually the cheapest thing to buy. The price of the cheapest item might be lower but the overall “cost of ownership” is often a lot higher because an item that comes with a warranty of only two month isn’t going to last long. If, like yours, it goes wrong after a few months you’re going to need to buy a replacement.

The other lesson is that you can judge the quality of an item by the length of the warranty you’re offered. For instance, a car that comes with a 5-year warranty is a better car than one that comes with a three-year warranty and a whole lot better than one with a one-year warranty. An item that has a two-month warranty is going to be rubbish.

Don’t buy from stores that play games with warranties.

Is Cryptowealth genuine?

Is this Cryptowealth a genuine company? Someone says you join with P500 and you get 4 people to join and they too get 4 people and make a chain for themselves until they make profit, isn't this one of the pyramid schemes?

Cryptowealth is a scam, there’s no doubt about it. It’s another Ponzi scheme like MMM Global or Helping Hands International. All the clues are there.

Their web site describes their scheme as “the worlds first fully automated rotating donation social network marketing plan taking members into two platforms earning millions with only a once-off starting donation of $25 and four referrals” and that’s the first clue. Any scheme that promises rapid wealth (“earning millions”) is being misleading. Only lotteries can offer you instant wealth and the odds of winning a lottery are so close to zero that you shouldn’t waste your time.

The next clue is that scams are always hesitant about where new money comes from. Are they investing in stocks and shares? Foreign currencies? Gold, diamonds or rare metals? Are they gambling the money on horse races? Cryptowealth are openly secretive. They say “the real method of how all will work will be held back” because “the world is full of parasites who live off the ideas of other people”. They’re hiding something.

Cryptowealth has all the signs of being a Ponzi scheme in which the small returns that are paid to recruits are taken from people who join later. The money they get comes only from other members of the group. The only growth comes from new members, not from any actual investment return. Like all Ponzi schemes Cryptowealth will collapse once it can’t find any new recruits or the existing ones realize the mistake they’ve made.

Please don’t waste your time, money and effort on yet another scam.

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