Friday, 24 April 2015

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Can I get my payout?

In May 2012, I lost my 5 months old child who was covered by my medical aid scheme.

Due to the enormous stress brought to me by the death of my child, I was not able to notify the medical aid to stop deducting installments for her medical cover, and so I continued paying the medical cover of my deceased child.

In March 2014, I felt emotionally better and ready to visit the medical aid to notify them of the death of the child. I wanted them to stop deducting payments for medical cover of the late child. The officer who assisted me informed me that I was entitled to Funeral Grant to cover the costs of my child's burial. They added that the Grant is payable within six months of death, after which it expires. They nonetheless advised me to write a letter and request to be reimbursed the money I had paid for the medical cover of the child after her death, and the Funeral Grant which I was told was P5,000.

They stopped deducting payments from my salary, and reimbursed the monthly payments I had made since the death of my child. They then informed me that Funeral Grant is paid by an insurance company. After some time, I received a letter informing me that they cannot pay the Grant on the basis that a period of six months has elapsed after the death of the child.

I want the insurance company to pay me the Funeral Grant, and I would like you to assist me. It is true that I presented the matter very late, but I did so as a result of the emotional and psychological stress I suffered following the death of my daughter.

Firstly please accept our condolences on your tragedy. It must have been very difficult for you and you are in our thoughts.

Unfortunately I suspect there's not much that can be done in this situation, despite the tragic circumstances. Companies can sometimes “bend the rules” a little bit but I suspect that asking for a benefit that “expired” more than a year before you claimed might be asking a bit too much.

The lesson in these circumstances is always to inform medical aid and insurance companies of anything that happens to you as soon as possible. I understand that you weren't feeling up to it but in those situations you can always get a friend or a relative to make the call on your behalf. That way you can get everything you are entitled to as soon as possible.

Can I get my deposit back?
Please I need your advice. I had rented a house in Mogoditshane for the last 2 years paying P1,750 and at the time I started my lease I paid P1,650 as security. A month back I served one month notice which ended 31st March and I vacate the house on the 2nd April with agreement that she will charge me daily rate for the 2 days that I stayed. After removing all my stuff inside the house I went to demand my security back and she told me that she doesn't have money she will only pay me once she has money. We have cleaned the house everything was in order so she said that she will also clean it and deduct from the security and my surprise is that she didn't even inspect the house when we moved in.

This simply isn't good enough. She clearly DID have the deposit you paid her two years ago, it seems that she's spent it. That's simply not good enough. Security deposits should be paid back as soon as the landlord has had the opportunity to inspect the house and has made sure you haven't trashed it. It should take days, not weeks or months.

I think you should write the landlord a letter giving her 14 days to repay the balance that she owes you. Tell her that if you don't receive the money within that time you'll take legal action against her. If she doesn't then pay up within 14 days you should go to the Small Claims Court with all the paperwork, including your letter and ask them for an order against her.

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