Friday 13 February 2015

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Where are my medical aid payments?

My boss has been deducting P450 from my salary which was supposed to be paying my Medical Aid. He was supposed to pay the other 50%. On Friday I went to my doctor and was told my Medical Aid has been suspended due to non-payment. When I spoke to my boss he admitted that he has not been paying the bills for 25 months now. I now owe the doctors P1,754 for 6 invoices. What advice can you give me? I need my money back. How do I approach him in a nice way as my boss? Seriously I need my refund and will start paying myself.

This is completely unacceptable. I know this might be strong language but your boss has stolen your money. Specifically he has stolen P11,250 from you AND he has denied you the medical aid cover you have been paying for.

I know it might antagonize him but you need to get some serious support and I suggest that the Department of Labour might need to be involved. They have the power to summon your boss and demand that he makes this situation right again. He owes you the P11,250 and the P1,754 in doctor’s bills.

However, in the meantime if you like we’ll be happy to contact your boss to politely explain that he needs to remedy this situation immediately by paying your medical bills and either getting you immediate medical aid cover or giving you back the money he’s taken from you. We’ll make it clear that it’s that or a call from the Department of Labour. Or would he prefer to be on the front page of The Voice? Does he really want that sort of trouble?

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