Sunday 29 June 2014

Karatbars can't be defended

Karatbars is a pyramid scheme that, if only in Botswana, is being sold by liars (who said they had been endorsed by Consumer Watchdog for instance).

However they clearly have supporters. In came a message from one of them called "Madrone Ridge" as follows:
"Hey isn't every business a pyramid scheme? Many have recruiters in human resources. So wouldn't this make them a scam? I don't know what burr got in your saddle, and I know that most people will never see the money the math demonstrates simply because they don't have the discipline to run a business. Like you, they live in fear and have no socia (sic) skills. They find every excuse under the sun why it won't work. Well, scientist have claimed that it is impossible aeronautically for a bumble bee to fly. But the bee doesn't care what they say and flys anyway. You do the math."

Where should I begin?
  1. No, every business is NOT a pyramid scheme. Real businesses have a product that forms the core of their business and are not based mainly on the recruitment of other people in a multi-level scheme. There is no comparison between a pyramid scheme like Karatbars and a real business.
  2. It is a common "argument" offered by the proponents of almost every pyramid or multi-level marketing scheme that people who criticise them somehow "don't have the discipline to run a business" and that's why they're critical. That is just silly and is what's called an ad hominem attack". It's not a real argument.
  3. I don't have a burr in my saddle and I don't live in fear.
  4. Scientists have not, I repeat NOT claimed that it's impossible for bees to fly. This is a myth spread by people with either no understanding of science or an ulterior motive, such as marketing a pyramid scheme.
Next time please come up with a better argument

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