Tuesday 27 May 2014

The Voice - "Swindled by dealers" (Yes, it's Euroafrica Motors)

From The Voice last week:
"Con artists passing themselves off as car dealers are cashing in on unsuspecting customers’ penchant for second hand UK imported vehicles.

The con-men through a well planned scheme are exploiting their victims’ ignorance or outright disregard for the right procedures in car sale transactions.

Euroafrica, a supposedly UK based car import company is mentioned prominently among scores of other shady dealers."

We've covered EuroAfrica before in a column in The Voice. While they claim to offer "Quality Vehicles & Quality Service" they actually seem particularly skilled in the delivery of excuses rather than the vehicles they've been paid for.

Excuses like:
"we are working to have it transported to Gaborone as soon as we possibly can"
10th March 2014

"All going well the car might be released and arrive in Gaborone during or after the Easter weekend"
14th April 2014

"Just got confirmation from clearing agent that the car will be out on Monday"
2nd May 2014

"the car will be out this week no doubt about that"
7th May 2014

"I have been in touch with the agents in walvis bay and they advise me that they should be successful in getting your car released as negotiations with the port officials had been delayed due to the fact one of the senior port officials has been off sick and he is the one who gives the final decision on the amount of discount to be paid but they assure me they will be successful. I have impressed upon them to expedite and ensure the car is released
and delivered to you. I can assure you I am on this case and will be
in constant touch with you."
21st May 2014
And finally, in The Voice:
"For his part, Winter Mutange admitted that there were many unhappy customers who are still waiting for their vehicles. “That is true, but our board has decided that we refund all the customers that we owe and we intend to do that by next week,” he said."
"By next week"? They have three days left.

You've been warned. You can't trust your money with Euroafrica.

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