Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Yet another fake - Steadford "university"

Yet another peddler of fake degrees, this time calling itself Steadford "University". I can get a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology for just $1,199, having talked them down from $2,199.
Pharoahe : Welcome to Steadford University
Pharoahe : How can i help you?
[Me] : Hi. I need to get a Masters degree in clinical Psychology to get a promotion as soon as possible.
Pharoahe : What's your last level of education?
Pharoahe : and how soon are you looking into getting your Masters Degree?
[Me] : I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology.
[Me] : As soon as possible
Pharoahe : now how many ears of experience do you have in psychology?
[Me] : I graduated 28 years ago, I've been working in HR since then.
Pharoahe : Perfect we can help you
[Me] : How long does it take to study for the Masters degree?
Pharoahe : about 10 months but we will get you Exemptions so you can get your Degree ASAP
[Me] : Exemptions?
Pharoahe : yes Credit Hour Transfers
Pharoahe : i will get you registered today before the next year you will have your Master's Degree with you
Pharoahe : With your Experience i will get you your Degree next Month
Pharoahe : if you register now the process takes between 30-40 days we will convert your experience and award you your Masters Degree

[Me] : What exams will I need to do?
Pharoahe : You don't need to take any Exams because you have 28 years of experience , the E-Help department will take all the Exams on your behalf
[Me] : How much will this cost?
Pharoahe : Normal Fee is : $12,000
Pharoahe : if you Enroll right now you can pay just $2199 that is Full and Final payment for your Masters Program
[Me]: That sounds very good to me but it's quite expensive.
Pharoahe : let me discuss it with the Finance Department
Pharoahe : wait for me please
Pharoahe : if you pay the full fee using a credit card you get 50% further coverage on the Fee so you'll only be paying $1199
Do you need any further evidence than that?  Ok, maybe there's one last thing.

I asked for a Masters degree in CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, a field dealing with psychologically troubled people. Isn't is a risk to have such  fake degree? Don't they care?

No, they don't.
[Me] : The job I want deals with troubled people in a clinical environment. Do you think this degree is OK for me to do that job?
Pharoahe : Yes 100%
Steadford "university" is a fake. A nasty, disgraceful, immoral fake.

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