Monday, 26 August 2013

The latest fake university - "Belltown University"

Yet another fake "university", this one calling itself "Belltown University".

Of course it's not a university at all, it's a diploma mill that will sell you worthless, fake degrees for money. It's the latest member of the family of bogus establishments that we've mentioned over and over again.

What more evidence do you need that it's a fake than this conversation I had with them a few moments ago.
You are now chatting with 'Sr. Counselor'
Sr. Counselor: HI there
[Me]: Hi
Sr. Counselor: How may I assist you
[Me]: I need to get a Masters degree in Psychology to get a promotion. I already have a Bachelors, how long do you think this will take?
Sr. Counselor: 10-12 days for you to receive the documents
Sr. Counselor: Do you want me to create your application so we can proceed
[Me]: I get a degree in 10-12 days?
Sr. Counselor: yes
Sr. Counselor: What we do is we take down your life experience, that is your working experience and your past educational qualification, convert them into credit hours, if these credit hours are equivalent to the credit hours that are require to complete your desired degree then you qualify and we award the degrees accordingly, if you are successfully evaluated we start with the registration process registering you and your documents with the university and the Accreditation bodies and after that we make sure that the documents are shipped out to you in the next 10 working days.
[Me]: What about exams and coursework?
Sr. Counselor: The degree will be based on your work/life experience
Sr. Counselor: You don't have to take any classes or courses
[Me]: How much will this cost me?
Sr. Counselor: $274
Please don't waste your time or money on one of their fake qualifications. You'll just be as much of a liar as they are.

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