Wednesday, 23 January 2013

An Amway update

In case you're wondering how much money people make from Amway...

Amway are required in the UK to publish annual earnings disclosure statement (it's a link to a pdf document) outlining how much (or how little) their "Retail Consultants" make from their businesses.

In the UK in the period October 2010 to September 2011 the average "Customer Volume Rebate" paid to their 16,287 Retail Consultants was, wait for it, £41. About P450.

It's important to note that this is an average. The highest amount paid was £556, the lowest was £20. It's even more important to understand that this was just their earnings. It takes no account of the costs needed to earn that money. That average figure of £41 was before they deducted their costs for their phone, internet connection, power, stationery, petrol and coffee.

By all means join Amway if you want to keep busy but please don't think you'll make any money from it.

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