Monday, 3 September 2012

Another scam - "Liberty Financial Loan Services"

An email comes in from a reader, saying:
"I received an email from Liberty Financial Loan Services who offered me a loan of R10,000 to R10 million. They say that they offer loans at only 3% interest. Can this be true?"
No, of course it can’t be true. This is a scam.

To begin with there is no legitimate lender who approaches total strangers offering them loans like this. Secondly no legitimate lender, in fact no legitimate financial enterprise these days, uses a free Gmail address as their primary email address. Real companies also have offices with landlines, not just the South African cellphone numbers these crooks quote. Most importantly, this company, “Liberty Financial Loan Solutions”, which claims to operate from South Africa, doesn’t actually exist. No such company is registered in South Africa.

Above all, no lender in the world offers loans at an interest rate of 3%.

This is just the beginning of an advance fee scam. Despite what their initial email says sooner or later there WILL be some form of payment they’ll insist you make. That’s what the scam is all about, that “advance fee” that you pay them. if you do fall for it and pay them they’ll just string you along with more and more demands for more money. This won’t stop until you either wise up or run out of money.

I suggest that you either delete the email or send them a reply using as many rude words as you know!

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