Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Consumer alert - Workerhire

Be warned. Workerhire is very suspicious.

I don't trust any organisation that requires an up-front payment before they actually DO anything. Workerhire require a "One time Registration fee of $USD 170.00" before they'll actually try and find work for you. That's simply not the way genuine recruitment companies operate. The real ones charge the company with the vacancy once they've successfully filled it, not the recruit.

The last thing I find suspicious is the References page on their web site. I simply don't believe that they've placed people in the UK as a "Warehouse clerk/assistant" or "Home care". It's just not believable.
And it's not just me who thinks this.

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Anonymous said...

i have registered with workerhire in Novenber 2007 paid the agency fee of R300 then deposited money into bank account FNB R1000 sendmy application forms received a ref nr but untill today they did not help me with a job instead they ased for another R1300 which i refused to pay and that was the last i heard from them