Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dual venue conference scams

We've had several emails sent to us that invite people, better described as "victims", to a conference on some worthy cause which will be held in two different venues, usually on different continents.

The scam is that they offer to pay for all of your flights, accommodation, food and drink EXCEPT for one hotel bill, always in the second venue. They demand that you pay this hotel bill yourself. In advance. Using Western Union. You sense the scam already?

So far we've seen invitations from:
  • The "Administrative of Social Humanitarian Activist Organization" offering a conference on "Human Trafficking and Child Abuse"
  • The "Right for women foundation" and their conference on “violence against women and children” 
  • The "Ideal Concept Foundation" had a conference on "Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking"
  • The "Civil concept foundation" are interested in "Human trafficking and spread of HIV"
  • "We care2" like the subject of "Racism & Child Abuse"
They're scams, don't fall for them!

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Anonymous said...

Unity For Peace Conference upc2012@aol.com

Dear Applicant,
The Amala Foundation provides opportunities for personal growth through humanitarian
service projects that benefit youth,adults, including local, immigrant, refugee, and international bodies.
It is through this transformative, holistic approach to service that communities are united and
youth are inspired to lead with a heart-centered, global perspective.
Over the last ten years, we have helped thousands of people find peace in their hearts and meaning
in their lives through humanitarian service to others, while directly impacting the lives thousands around the world.
The Amala Foundation is involved in a number of local, national, and international projects.

In acknowledgment to your interest to participate in next years Northern California 2012 Global Peace Summit
which the date has recently been scheduled for 10th to 17th February 2012 in California United States.
I wish to inform you that your request of application has been accepted by this Organization.
The forthcoming meeting is open for everyone who is interested to Participate,irrespective of age,
ethnicity,nationality or religion.

The theme of the conference meeting is to teach our society the importance of Computer Security
and Internet Peace worldwide.
The summit will contain various discussions and mini workshops related to the issues of Global Peace
and Importance of Health Security,Plus a lot of other interesting topics.

Note that registration is free for all participants attending this meeting with us and there will be
translators at the seminar hall to translate all languages to delegates that don’t understand English.
Delegates are accepted to participate together as a group of (10) from each country or organization;
you can also participate as an individual if you are unable to form a group.

The independent Donors and the Organization Sponsors are fully responsible for participants traveling
document (Visa) processing for only those that their passport requires visa to attend this meeting with us,
and Air round trip tickets to attend this seminar here in United States will be provided for all participants.

Note that participants will only be responsible to pay for their hotel accommodation charges here in United States
and they make and pay for the hotel reservation before we send them invitation letter to their country of residence
this is due to past experience from participant that have intention on running away before or after the conference.(...)
Yours faithfully,
Mrs.Tina Hydes
summit secretary