Friday, 11 February 2011

The Voice - shoes and scams

Dear Consumer’s Voice #1

I bought Levi sneakers at JB Sports in Francistown on the 20th January. I bought the sneakers for P410 and wore them over the next weekend. I used them again this past weekend and they started tearing between the sole and the shoe on both of them. I went back to the store and they told me I was not suppose to dance with them or wear them on weekends only. I tried to explain to the manager that my nature of work does not give me a chance to put on sneakers during the week because I work at a mine where I have to use safety boots and when I knock off I want to wear something more comfortable.

All I want from you is help to either get a better pair from them because I have only used this shoes for less than 5 days.

I replied:

This is absurd. When you buy a pair of shoes you should be able to do anything in them that's generally appropriate. Trainers are basically sportswear so you should be able to do anything remotely sports-like in them like running, jumping and, yes, dancing.

It's frankly not the store's business what you do in the shoes so long as you treat them responsibly.

Section 13 (1) (a) of the Consumer Protection Regulations states that:
"Any supplier who offers a commodity or service to a consumer fails to meet minimum standards and specifications if ... the commodity sold ... is not of merchantable quality".
"Merchantable quality" is defined as:
"a commodity that is fit for the purposes for which commodities of that kind are usually purchased, as it is reasonable to expect in light of the relevant circumstances"
Clearly these shoes are not of merchantable quality. I would tell the store this and make them understand that you know your rights! Let me know what they say?]

[The reader replied…]

I would like to update you with this matter that I reported on Tuesday. I went back to the store with the regulations in my hands and the store manager just told me to my face that this means nothing to him. He said he does not care about these consumer regulations. My wish is to take them to task but I do not know where to start and may you please assist me.

I spoke to the store manager and he seemed confused. Firstly he told me to send the reader back and said that he would “fix things”. When I asked him what exactly that meant he got a bit flustered. I asked him if that meant his customer would get a refund, a replacement or a repair and that’s when he got confused and changed his mind. He then said that it wasn’t up to him, his manager would decide what would happen. That’s the manager that wasn’t there that day but who was based in Gaborone.

That would also be the same manager who hasn’t returned my call. It can’t be that he doesn’t care, can it?

The lesson? Know your rights and even when a store manager or owner spits in your face don’t give up.

Dear Consumer’s Voice #2

Hi I received an email from someone called Bethany Wagaye who said:

“Hi. My name is Miss Bethany Wagaye , I am interested in exploring another language, culture, settle abroad and open a business after I finish my university study in your country The political climate in your country is commendable in terms of good health, human rights, economic and political stability, and more. I believe we can make a good partner in any relationship. If you are interested to know more details about me, reply me so I can plan my departure accordingly. I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss this with you further.
Yours sincerely, Miss Bethany Wagaye”
Can I believe this?


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