Monday 5 October 2009

"Bizz Awards 2009" - a scam?

People are receiving an email from a company calling itself the "WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES" saying that the recipient has received a:
"nomination as a winner of the world’s most important business award, “THE BIZZ AWARDS 2009."
The email then invites the recipient to get in touch so they can be included in the award ceremony.

However this isn't the complete truth, it's all a bit suspicious.  Why would total strangers contact you and tell you that you've won an award like this?  In fact there's no genuine award, it's just an excuse to get you to pay for the award.  According to one source you might be asked to pay up to US $3,000 to get this worthless award.

Our simple advice?  Ignore this email and any like it.  Perform at your best, charm your customers and maybe one day you'll win a real award!

Update: See more here and here.


jay said...

Your views are very true. This 'award' seems to be a fraud.

Anonymous said...

I also happended to recive such email, but after researching I found an article (trying to search again and post the exact link) on web portal , which saved my hard earned funds, I advice everyone to be alert from such cheaters.