Friday 19 June 2009

The Voice - Dear Consumer's Voice

It’s been another week of mixed complaints. Some complicated, some simple, some outrageous, some pathetic. Some even made us laugh. Let us know what you think.

Dear Consumer’s Voice #1

I bought a car (a Corolla Verso) at SupaCars in Gaborone and experienced problems within the first hour. The car had problems with its gear box and I eventually returned it after it disappointed me on my way to Molepolole on the 17th having to stop every now and then in traffic.

I took it to the garage on the 18th and demanded my money back. The directors there told me they had used my money to payoff the bank and I should wait for them to re-sell the car before I get my refund. I told them its not fair for me.

What do you suggest?

OK, this is the one that made us laugh. I know we shouldn’t laugh at consumer in a predicament but we couldn’t help ourselves.

This is the second complaint we’ve had regarding SupaCars recently, it sounds like we need to investigate a little further. We’ll get in contact with them for their side of the story and see what they have to say for themselves.

Meanwhile, if what you say is correct, they are being a bit cheeky. Their financial issues are really not your concern. You bought a car from them that has shown itself not to be of merchantable quality. The Consumer Protection Regulations say that a supplier has failed to meet “minimum standards” if they deliver something that is not “fit for the purposes for which commodities of that kind are usually purchased, as it is reasonable to expect in light of the relevant circumstances”.

That last bit is important. This was a second-hand car, so you can’t expect it to be flawless but you CAN expect it to at least drive around a bit. We’ll let you know what reaction we get from SupaCars!

Dear Consumer’s Voice #2

I bought a bedroom suite from Lewis Store in Letlhakane last year and it was delivered to me in Tonota in June 2008. When I went home on July 2008 I noticed that it was not assembled. They took a month to assemble it. In September I found out that it wasn't well assembled as it is shaking and one of the four legged headboard is broken.

I reported this to the Manager and sales person in October 2008. Up to this time I didn't get any help. I cleared the account on April 2009.

What can I do?

First you can pat yourself on the back for paying off your credit purchase and for being very patient with Lewis.

We’ll get in touch with Lewis and see what they have to say for themselves. Of course they had an obligation to assemble your bed properly and if it can’t stay assembled properly then it wasn’t of merchantable quality.

A few months ago we had a call from a consumer who complained that the squeak in their bed had deeply traumatised his children when he and his very good friend were, err, pushing the bed to it’s limits. He claimed it was the store’s fault that his kids were upset. We didn’t agree. I hope you haven’t been troubling your neighbours in the same way?

We’ll let you know what Lewis have to say for themselves.

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