Friday 19 September 2008

The Voice - Dear Consumer's Voice

I bought a Telefunken TV and home theatre for P1899.99 from Lewis Furniture in Jwaneng.  From the beginning I had problems.  

When they delivered it had no box and remote control and I had to fight with them until they brought a new one.

Some months later I noticed that the Home theatre wasn’t working properly and a terrible sound was coming from inside the player.

I took it back to Lewis and they told me to come back after two weeks.  When I went back they told me had found a CD stuck inside the player which wasn’t mine.  They also told me they couldn’t repair it and they didn’t have a replacement for me.  They said I should take back every part of the home theatre and that they would reduce my repayments accordingly.

When I saw the details it was clear that they were only reducing the repayments by the price of the home theatre but I was left the interest and extras that relating to the home theatre system.

What can I do? 

You can tell them that their response wasn’t good enough!  If they are taking back the home theatre because it wasn’t working and they couldn’t repair it and they couldn’t give you a replacement then you deserve a full refund.  A FULL refund.  They have failed to deliver a product of merchantable quality so there should be no nonsense.

Where did the CD they found come from?  If it wasn’t yours is it possible they in fact sold you something that was second-hand?  That would be a much more serious breach of the rules.

We spoke to Lewis and they have agreed to give you a replacement home theatre at no extra charge.

UPDATE #1: Lewis claim categorically that the player was new and that a CD wasn’t necessarily found in this consumer’s player.

UPDATE #2: We heard back from the consumer and Lewis have indeed delivered a very nice new home theatre system.  Apparently they weren’t too happy that we got involved though!

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