Friday 4 July 2008

The Voice - Dear Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer’s Voice

In May I went to Super Power Doors to buy doors for my house. I found the doors that I liked and together they costed P5,700. I paid a deposit of P3000 and was told my doors would arrive in October.

Earlier this month I went back to Super Power Doors to check if the doors have arrived. While I was there I found out they had new doors in stock. The doors were much better than the ones I had chosen but more expensive. I decided not to wait until October and take one of these better doors that they had in stock. The cost of the new door after they gave me a discount was P6,500. I paid them another P3,500 and I was able to take the door.

A few days later I discovered that Builders World had exactly the same door in stock but at a much lower price. After a discount they could offer me the door for less than P5,000.

On realising this, I approached Super Power Doors and asked them to give me the difference between what they and Builders World charge or agree to have me return the door and get back my P6,500.00. They refused. Now I feel cheated because I paid a ridiculously high price for the door.

What should I do?

I’m sorry but what do you expect?

The first store didn’t deceive you, they were totally honest about the price they were charging and you accepted it without any complaint. You entered quite willingly into a contract with Super Power Doors and they have kept to their side of the bargain so why would they want to take the doors back or give you any compensation?

Unfortunately you’ve paid the price for not shopping around. When you are preparing to spend any amount of money, particularly when it’s a large sum, you really must shop around.

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