Friday 18 April 2008

The Voice - Dear Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer’s Voice


My wife and I bought some leather sofas from a store in Letlhakane early last year and the manager assured us that they had genuine leather uppers.


However, to our surprise the sofas started fading colour and also the leather areas are wearing thin.


We have been to the shop several times but all we get is excuses.  The first time the manager promised to come to our house to view them but it was 3 months before his staff arrived.  He eventually came himself but only after I insisted.  He claims that he had trouble with transport because their delivery vehicle was faulty.  He now says that he can see nothing wrong with the sofas.  When I asked him to put that in writing he said he has to speak to his manager in South Africa.  Now he says he can’t call him because someone stole their phone cables.


I am sick and tired of this man’s excuses.  Please help me.  Can I get my P15,000 back?


This sounds very much like a store manager trying to evade his responsibilities to me.  His transport difficulties and the alleged theft of phone cables are nothing to do with you.  Hasn’t he got a cellphone?  Don’t they have email?  Which century are they in?  It’s all a lot of nonsense and evasion.


I suggest that you take some photos of the leather and the faded areas of the sofa, comparing them to areas that haven’t faded and send them to us.  We’ll get in touch with the South African managers and let them know that their store in Letlhakane has let you down massively.  For P15,000 you are entitled to something that will last for decades, not just a few months.  We’ll let you know their response.


Meanwhile the lesson is not to accept feeble excuses.  Remember that their problem is not your problem.  Also don’t wait for a store to contact their Head Office.  You can do it as well!

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