Friday 25 January 2008

The Voice - Dear Consumer's Voice

Dear Consumer's Voice

On 28th December 2007 my security company came to my house when my alarm went off.

As they left the driver lost control of their vehicle and rammed into my electric gate. This bent the gate and it could no longer be closed properly. Their supervisor came to inspect it and helped to realign the gate. He promised to call on Monday 31st to find out the condition of the gate but he didn’t. I went to their officers on the 31st and a senior manager promised that personnel would come to fix the gate after the holidays.

On 3rd January I went to their office to remind them of the problem. After this visit their National Technical Manager visited my house to inspect the gate. After the inspection he told me that they couldn’t deal with the situation until 7th January.

On Monday 7th their technicians came to the house to inspect the gate and returned on Tuesday to fix it. They left around midday on Tuesday and promised to come and finish the work that same afternoon but never returned.

I called them on 9th January and told them I was disappointed at the way my problem was being handled and they promised to come back to me. Later they called and told me that technicians were on their way. They arrived and left after failing to fix the gate, suggesting a new motor may be required.

Finally on the 10th I called them and they told me that they will forward my complaint to the relevant people to deal with the case but I’ve heard nothing back from them yet.

What should I do?

A nice simple problem! Tell them that enough is enough. They damaged your property and they have to fix it. Write them a letter giving them 14 days to repair everything they damaged. Tell them that if they fail you’ll ask Consumer Watchdog to get their lawyers involved. That’s after The Voice have been round with a photographer. Do they want that sort of publicity?

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